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Sunday Week in Review Thread 8/16/15

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Good morning all. We've endured yet another sultry August week but the light at the end of the tunnel nears. Let's take a look back.

- The Avs 3rd jersey designs were released this week, evoking the old Rockies color with some burgundy highlights. Reviews were mixed as usual.

- Recent acquisition Nikita Zadorov was present for the DU Alumni Camp along with several famous alums. The DP hockey reporter was there but wouldn't or couldn't manage to get an interview with him. Zadorov did get some rave reviews from our old friend Paul Stastny, which is nice.

- In an interview in Swedish which I can't find the link to anymore, Avs RW Dennis Everberg reiterated that he should be ready for camp and that he's having a swell summer overall. (Why yes, that is incredibly lazy!)

- The Avs released a fun video following our intrepid prospects on a scavenger hunt around downtown Denver. It's 25 minutes long so leave some time for it but I recommend taking it in, if only for Roman Will's jorts.

* * * * *

That's all for now, we're just 4 weeks away from Rookie Camp! I'll leave you with this fish from Matt Duchene, Enjoy!