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Sunday Week in Review Thread 8/2/15

Position players. Pfft, I could do that...
Position players. Pfft, I could do that...
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning and happy August to all. Another slow summer week but news still happened, let's take a look back.

- Joey Hishon re-signed with the Avs for something close enough to his qualifying offer as to be indistinguishable. That leaves just Calvin Pickard, Freddie Hamilton and Stefan Elliott still looking for important paperwork to be done before training camp opens.

- World Junior Development Camps are in full swing this week. Conner Bleakley is at Canada's site, Sergey Boikov is with the Russian squad and Mikko Rantanen is with the Finns.

The Finns are in Lake Placid along with the Swedes and 2 USA hockey squads. Schedule is here.

The Russians are joining Team Canada in Calgary this week and will play each other on Monday and Wednesday nights. Someone savvier than I can chime in on how to view these games.

- The Avs announced that the Burgundy/White Game will be played at DU's Magness Arena on Sunday, September 20th at 1pm lima. Training camp dates look pretty set now with physicals on Thursday the 17th and on-ice activities Friday & Saturday. First road game is on the 29th so there should be plenty of practice time until then.

- Borna Rendulic is training in Croatia at the Medvescak facilities right now. There was a good article about his summer out this week (google translate needed unless you're local) and some photos on Flickr if you're into that. Word is that he's heading to Slovenia for Anze Kopitar's camp before jetting over to Denver.

- I really have no idea what this means but it looks like Calvin Pickard won some sort of hockey championship this week, as a position player.

Teams have emergency goalies, maybe Calvin can be the Avs emergency defenseman.

* * * * *

That's all for now. Enjoy a hot cup of August on the house.