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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL September 10th, 2015

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Brian Bahr/Getty Images

If you want in on the MHH Fantasy League, contact Hopf. [MHH]

Confirmation that Kyle Wood is heading to Denver for the Colorado Avalanche camp. [Nugget]

Players already primed for 2016 World Cup of Hockey. [NHL]

Bettman says that NHL to wait for Patrick Kane legal process to play out before making decisions. [Toronto Sun]

The cap and the Cup complicate Stamkos contract talks. [The Star]

Hurricanes on cutting edge of analytics with hire of nanotechnology chemist. [The Globe and Mail]

Willie Desjardins, Canucks coach, to miss camp after hip surgery. [CBC]

Five players who won't score as often in 2015-16. [Sportsnet]