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The Avalanche Hunger Games: Second Bracket

Here we are on the other side of the bracket for the Avs Hunger Games!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back for the other bracket for the Avalanche Hunger Games!  Here is my not-so-brief disclaimer.

Before we get started I have some more information for you.  The order in which I made the teams was the order the players were listed on  This is done using a simulator from  Because of that, I cannot control the content, although have altered/censored some due to sensitivity.  That being said, in order to keep this as authentic as possible, some of the writing here is graphic in nature.  I mean, I had to consent that I was 13 years old to perform these simulations!  So, just a fair warning, this article may be graphic in nature.  I, nor do any of us at MHH condone any of the violent acts committed within this hypothetical simulation. Now let's get to the fun!

And here is our starting 24.  It actually worked PERFECTLY with the numbers.  This bracket is the youngins and the goalies.  And well, Elliott instead of Gormley.  Now onto the Cornucopia.

Author's Comments:  Bourke is snipe city with those arrows.  Elliott grabs the alcohol knowing that he would get traded.  Awkwardddddddddd.  Cody Corbett summons his inner Raph, and goes with the sais.  Everyone else pretty much just runs away, just like Lake Erie ran away to San Antonio.  Hopefully the next set is more entertaining.

Author's Comments:  Corbett doesn't get a chance to use his sais, as Geertson goes all silent assassin on him.  Elliott gets the alcohol, and now is picking flowers, that he would lay in his locker in San Antonio.  Mad Man Sam Henley takes out Siemens, Meurs and Beaupre in one fell swoop.  Woof.  Sami is so adorbs.  He fights to keep Varly alive, his little goalie buddy.

Author's Comments:  This San Antonio team is showing why they belong in San Antonio.  They can't start a fire, are dying from the cold, singing, humming and holding hands.  Let's see how this goes.

Author's Comments:  The best tag team since Edge and Christian, Henley and Martinsen take down Varly and Bigras.  Martin is apparently a better shooter than goalie.  And with that, was the quietest 12 deaths ever.  Below are the survivors.

Join us next week as we take the final 24 to find the true champion of the Avalanche.  Below are the other survivors to recap.