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The MHH Podcast Mailbag

#MHHPod returns next week. We're standing by for your questions.

"Go write in questions to the MHH Podcast!"
"Go write in questions to the MHH Podcast!"
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Okay I admit it the mailbag is a half-ruse. Yes, we totally want your questions or comments. Looking forward to training camp? Miss something over the offseason? Want the temperature of your taek on the Elliott trade? Need to shout your favorite movie of the summer? We're listening and want you on the air.

But mainly I want to announce that for season 2, I've shaken off the lazypants and the MHH Podcast is now on iTunes! Go, subscribe, rate, leave a review, and share! You'll still be able to listen everywhere you could before, not to worry there if you've got an RSS catcher in place already or follow us on Soundcloud or Mixcloud.

So yeah, there's the latest from the Happening Bunker, now let's open up the mailbag for submissions.