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The Avalanche Hunger Games: A Champion Is Born

24 payers enter. 1 player leaves, crowned the Colorado Avalanche Champion.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the final round of the Avalanche Hunger Games.  At the end of this article, a Champion will be named.  Lovely reminders that this is graphic in nature and all in fun and games.  Also, I can't control the pronouns so many players are she.  This is not, nor should it be taken as an insult or a slight to any players involved.  If you can remember, Jesse Winchester set off an explosive towards the end of the first round that pushed us over the edge.  Because of that, we had 4 extra spots.  So I decided to fill those spots with Sakic, Foote, Roy and Josh Kroenke.  Let's see how they fair.

Author's notes: Trevor Cheek is the first casualty of this round.  Roy shows off his goalie fighting skills and takes down Roman Will for a bag.  Sam Henley gives me a reason to not rage quit.  He misses one of my favorite players, and hits Brad Stuart, who was probably picking flowers or something.

Author's notes: Whole lots of nothing in this round.

Author's notes:  Footer fights 3 people away from his fire.  Other than that, could this be the calm before the storm?

Author's notes: Well Jarome.  Don't score thirty?  Get pushed off a cliff.  Rants sacrifices himself for his teammates.  What a stand up guy.  Other than that, a lot of prep.  These folks are coming to this round and trying to be as prepared as possible.

Author's notes:  All the preparation in the world could not prepare them for this.  Just wow, who saw this coming?  Also, props to Colin Smith for being the squirrel whisperer.  And now we look at our fallen tributes.

Author's notes:  Comrade Zads is just relentless.  Dutchy, Martin, Comeau and Barrie telling ghost stories is cute.

Author's notes:  Zads continues to be relentless but his defensive brethren slips away.

Author's notes:  Only 8 left.  Getting pretty tense.

Author's notes:  Comeau, rookie move having never lived in Colorado.  Gotta keep warm.

Author's notes:  Zads dodges ANOTHER arrow, this one hits Dutchy and kills the fan favorite.  Colin Smith is taking names left and right too.

Author's notes:  First squirrels, now a volcano?!  And then there were three.

Author's notes:  Roy shows some compassion, and may be teaming up with Zads against Smith.

Author's notes:  Psych.  Zads betrays Roy and Smith dies trying to escape the arena.  Ladies and gents we have our Champion!!!  Nikita Zadorov is the first Colorado Avalanche member to be named Champion.

For those of you who know I love Buffalo and Zads and may have thought I rigged this... well, I don't have much of a life (I mean, I do write for MHH) but I have enough of a life to run simulation after simulation until Zads wins.  This was legit.  Thank you all for joining me on this fun and exciting ride!!