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Bet the House: Dennis Everberg

Welcome back to a summer series taking a look at what the next season holds, one player at a time. We're running it down numerically, which means today we are reminded of Dennis Everberg.

"i told them we've already got one!"
"i told them we've already got one!"
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Last Season

Only even getting his shot at the roster because of injuries to other guys, Dennis Everberg was sort of a minor revelation for the Avalanche last season.

His statline isn't anything to write home about: 12 points, 3 goals, in 55 games, negative possession numbers, and hands of stone when it comes to shooting. And when he had opportunities on the top lines he looked way out of place.

But for a guy in his first season in North America? Having this kind of ability to make breakout passes happen and play in the neutral zone? On this team's bottom lines? Many of us had forgotten that was a thing!

Everberg was not and likely won't be a great forward, but he fits a mold referred to on the Steve Dangle Podcast as "competent bum." Which is absolutely intended as a compliment. He does all the little things, all the right things. He may not do them that well, which is kind of where the line is, but this guy's bottom-six play of all things managed to stand out early in the season because he was usually surrounded by plain old "bums." You need guys like that to fill out your forward lines. (Speaking of Dangle, Everberg's name game is strong.)

What does it mean for 2015?

We should only expect growth for Everberg this season honestly, but let's do keep our expectations realistic. He should be healthy in time for camp, so that's not an issue, but he will remain ice-time limited and surrounded by other forwards who aren't good who will be subjects of Bet the House soon. Maybe he's able to score a couple more goals, maybe he has somewhat better linemates, but a solid target for him should be 20 points based on how I expect him to be utilized.

There's an outside chance he gets crowded all the way to the press box or San Antonio, especially if the Avalanche keep playing Cliche and Winchester is good to go, but man that's a sad thought so I'm assuming Cliche is the odd man out in this scenario. It wouldn't be wise to take Cody/Bordy/Cliche over him, but you can guarantee at the very least McLeod stays. It's a real possibility here, just, not at all a wise one.

Unless he has some catching up to do after recovering from injury, which is possible too.

Just be healthy and yourself so we can unleash the Everberg, okay friend?