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Colorado Avalanche Reveal Stadium Series Jerseys

From a podium constructed above the green grass of the Colorado Rockies' Coors Field, the Avalanche unveiled the jersey they'll wear to take on the Detroit Red Wings on February 27th, 2016 for the NHL's annual Coors Light Stadium Series. After remarks from representatives of both franchises, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, and Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog was called to the stage to model the team's latest entry to its uniform repertoire.

Some thoughts on the design:

  • The simplified version of the "C" crest logo on the front, thankfully, has not been chromed or sashed.
  • Slight update to the numbers on the back. Besides the different font, this is the first time we've seen burgundy numbering on an Avalanche uniform. With the blue armbands, it gives the jersey just the right amount of the Avalanche color palette.
  • The font for the names remains unchanged, but the captain's "C" has been simplified.
  • Speaking of those blue armbands, they do not match the blue circle in the middle of the "C" crest. The blueberry stays!
  • The "5280" mark, signifying the mile high elevation of Denver, seems curiously placed. Usually, these kinds of accents are placed either inside or on the back of the collar.
  • Note the white color scheme for the home team. Not sure what the Red Wings will be wearing yet, but this is a break from the norm for the NHL if Detroit goes dark.
  • Black piping adorns the bottom of the jersey, which is probably some of the best piping we've seen on an Avalanche jersey made by Reebok.

Avalanche Stadium Series Jersey 2

The Avalanche then released these images, which better highlight the finer details.