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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL September 22nd, 2015

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Theo Fleury releases debut Country album ‘I Am Who I Am'. [Global News]

NHL and NHLPA project windfall profit for World Cup of Hockey. [TSN]

Setoguchi works to become NHL-NHLPA substance abuse program success story. [Fox Sports]

NHL linesman Cameron gives back at Hockeyville. [NHL]

Former NHL player Ewen's brain coveted by CTE researchers. [TSN]

Sakic, Avs look forward to hosting Red Wings in outdoor game. [Washington Times ] {Video Starts Automatically}

Three 23-year-olds came up aces in Avs annual intrasquad scrimmage. [Denver Post]

The Colorado Avalanche have reassigned some players. [Colorado Avalanche]

P.K. Subban delivers spot-on Don Cherry impression. [The Star]

Goons gone as 4th liners now have more skill than ever. [Toronto Sun]