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Avs Pick Up Boeing 787-Sized Win Against the Jets

The Avalanche were able to put a bigger gap between themselves and the Jets, and jet themselves (ha) back into playoff position in the West.

Marianne Helm/Getty Images

Saturday's loss against the Blue Jackets was deflating. Against such a bad team, at least 1 point was desired and probably deserved from the effort, but sometimes it just doesn't work that way. Colorado went into the Arctic to face Winnipeg on this MLK holiday, needing a victory as impactful as the man himself. They got it, and influenced all of the United States in the process, just like Dr. King. Okay, that's a big of a stretch. It wasn't that big of a win, but it was not a small victory. From boarding to takeoff to landing to departing the aircraft, let's recap this flight.

1st Period: The prototypical Avalanche-Jets period. Physical game, lots of effort, decent looks for both teams, more so with the Jets and Varlamov doing his thing (bailing out the team), and we walked out 0-0.

2nd Period: Very early on in period dos, Winnipeg was called for a delayed penalty that allowed the Avs enough time to get Varlamov off the ice and put a 6th skater on. A Blake Comeau shot got blocked, but bounced around in front, and eventually Carl Soderberg smacked it in to give the Avalanche the lead. Nick Holden, who got the first chance at a rebound, got an assist along with the original shooter Comeau.

So the Avs got a beginning-of-the-period-goal, and almost as good as that, is an end-of-the-period-goal! Once again, with one more Colorado skater on the ice, the Avs were able to tally. This one registered as an official power play, and Jarome Iginla scored his 602nd NHL goal (that's still a thing, right?) to double the Avalanche lead. Apples on this one belonged to Alex Tanguay and the almighty Carl Soderberg.

3rd Period: As was expected with a 2-0 Avalanche lead and 20 minutes to play, the Avalanche went full turtle mode. Amazingly, through 19 minutes, it worked. The Jets got one by with 41 seconds left which meant the Avalanche and their fans had to go into full hyperventilation mode, but thanks to the divinity of Semyon Varlamov, a tying goal to force overtime was prevented.

Mr. Fish's Three Sardines:

3) Jarome Iginla: Iginla leads the team with seven power play goals and his one tonight was the game-winner. The vet showed his worth tonight.

2) Carl Soderberg: Soda has just been a tank lately. His goal tonight was a big one for Colorado lift off (more puns, sorry). He's been awesome a lot as of late though. What an acquisition he has been.

1) Semyon Varlamov: Varly kind of deserved a shutout tonight. Didn't quite happen because the Jets were in full desperation mode and it finally paid off, but he was the Semyon the Avalanche need to make a playoff push. 1 goal games when Varly is in net will almost always guarantee a point at worst, and even with slight offense, like tonight, a regulation win occurred. THAT WILL DO.

Mr. Fish's Three Flounders:

Amazing what happens when Nate Guenin and Brad Stuart aren't playing. It's hard to find guys being slightly incompetent when they're not playing. I don't know, Landeskog has been a little underwhelming as of late and didn't do much again tonight. Redmond is good for one stupid giveaway every game. Third flounder? Oof, this is hard. This is too much pressure. I can't decide, I don't want to make anyone feel bad. Do I have to pick one? I do? Seriously? Well then, uhm, uh, TANGUAY. There! You have your third flounder! Please don't throw things at me.