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All-Purpose ROR Returns Thread!

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings sports fans, as you may know the beloved Avalanche take on the Buffalo Sabres Wednesday night. Last Summer the Avs and Sabres made a trade sending long-time fan favorite Ryan O-Reilly and noted buffet-killer Jamie McGinn to Buffalo for gigantic Russian defenseman Nikita Zadorov, shifty center Mikhail Grigorenko, prospect JT Compher and the 32nd pick in the draft.

The trade ended an endless debate among fans about such things as his value to the team, proper salary and relationship to other players. With Buffalo making their annual trip to the Centennial State this week we've seen several articles from the fine folks at the Denver Post, Adrian Dater has written a nice piece for the BR and surely others will follow.

What would be nice is to concentrate all the love in one place, right here! It's a free country and many folks don't or can't read the articles here so don't feel you have to concentrate everything ROR in this thread but everyone that is tired of hearing all the bullshit dredged up for the billionth time would sure appreciate it.

So... lay it all out, be cathartic. Jokes, criticisms, hot taeks, links to thoughtful articles, subjective value judgments, dead horse beatings, you name it. Just remember to play nice with others and anything goes. Hit it.