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Podcast People: Your Weekly Pods in Review

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Good morning all, trying something new here so any feedback would be appreciated.

If you like podcasts, and who doesn't, then this is a great time to be an Avs fan. Besides the long-running and award-winning MHHpod, we have plenty of offerings from our good friends at BSNAvalanche, good in depth analysis from the crew at Talking the Avs and for those interested in pro development the weekly Running With the Herd Live show, San Antonio PxP man Dan Weiss' pre-game chats and Blake Sebring recapping the Komets with WANE-TV in Ft Wayne. Ryan and Ron have some wonderful stuff from the Avs too. I'm sure there's more, but the issue is that there isn't a one-stop shop to find all this content. I get notifications about all these on twitter but sometimes they slip through the timeline and are forgotten. What I'm endeavoring to do is make a thread each week for pods I see but if you, dear reader, have one you like - about the Avs or just hockey general or specific - post it and share the knowledge.

This week's offerings:

- The latest MHHpod with SteveHouse and Head Honcho Ryan

- Talking the Avs, episode 12 - Evan from BSN, tigervixxxen and Geremy McFadden take an in-depth look at the Avs amateur prospects and some draft eligibles we might like this summer

- Cheryl had a good interview with rookie San Antonio goalie Spencer Martin this week

- AJ and Drew Spevak talk about the Avs defense in this week's BSN Avalanche podcast

- Ryan and Ron from the Avs interviewed Calvin Pickard for the latest edition of Avs Cast. If you've missed any of the previous editions, check those out too. Very well done.

- Dan Weiss spoke to AHL President Dave Andrews about a variety of topics recently, here's  part 1 & part 2

- Blake Sebring of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel does a weekly video cast with WANE-TV on the Komets. Even if you could care less, watch this and see the kind of coverage our ECHL affiliate gets. It's better than most NHL teams and makes you want to be a fan.

- This is a freshie from last night, Nate and JP from Running With the Herd break down this past weekend's 3-in-3 for the Rampage along with all the usual news and updates plus Nate's 3 Stars of the Week.

* * * * *

Hopefully this will be a nice little time vampire for everyone and please, share your faves or email me if you have one of your own coming up. Enjoy!