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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL January 29th, 2016

Duchene looking rather young
Duchene looking rather young
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Oh the feels, John Scott talks about how the NHL asked him if his girls would be proud if he didn't step down from the All Star game. The NHL really should feel shame about this whole thing. [The Players' Tribune]

Speaking of Scott, all is sold out of his All Star T-shirts. [Sportsnet] {Video starts automatically}

Dennis Wideman suspended for hitting official. [CBC Sports]

Enough is enough, time to banish the NHL All-Star Game. [Toronto Sun]

Capitals' Ovechkin to miss NHL All-Star Game with injury. [The Hamilton Spectator]

Clark ponders new NHL, physicality, Quebec City return. [Kamloops This Week]

I'm including this as a Let's Talk about mental health moment: former NHL, Kelly Hrudey, star says mental health discussion could have saved friend who died in police shootout. [National Post]

Concussion protocols: At what point do we take things more seriously? [Eyes on the Prize]