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2016 NHL All-Star Sunday Preview:

The NHL's best are set to square off this evening in a 3-on-3 mini tournament. Matt Duchene and the Central hope to show why the Central Division is the best in hockey.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL's move this season to a 3-on-3 sudden death overtime format has sure induced more than a few heart attacks among hockey fans. The open ice, wide-open shooting lanes, and precarious substitutions are as nerve wracking as any moment during regulation play. The rule change has been such a success, the league decided to change the format of their All-Star game to nothing BUT 3-on-3! Let's all pop some Bayer's before the festivities start, yeah?

Matt Duchene, the Colorado Avalanche's lone selection, will join a team comprised of other All-Stars from the Central Division. Given the Central's success this season, one might guess this team will have some great players to put on the ice, and they would be right. Five of the NHL's top eight goal scorers will line up for the Central. Oddly, arguably two of the weakest goalies in the division will be minding the net. Hopefully Devan Dubnyk and Pekka Rinne won't have much to do while Seguin, Benn, Taresenko, Kane, and Duchene are putting up double-digit goals on the other end.

The eastern teams will kick off the event at 5:00 PM EST (3:00 PM MST) and the western will follow an hour later. The winners of those two matches will then go head-to-head after to determine the winner. Should be some exciting hockey.