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GDT: Opening Thursday 2016!

Florida Panthers v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Your Colorado Avalanche continue to prepare for their opener on Saturday night while 17 other clubs, including our 1st opponent Dallas, begin their seasons. There is one national game and big surprise - it’s Pittsburgh vs Washington. There is also a free game on NHLdotTV for everyone - the aforementioned Stars vs Anaheim.

Isles at Rags, 7pm ET
B’s at Jackets, 7pm ET
Habs at Swords, 7pm ET
Devs at Panthers, 7:30pm ET
wingys at Bolts, 7:30pm ET
Canes at Jets, 8pm ET
Wilds at Bloos, 8pm ET (hatewatch pick of the night)
Caps at Pens, 8pm ET (NBCSN)
Duck at Stars, 8:30pm ET (Free Game on NHLdotTV)

The Avs have their final practice before kicking off the season tomorrow, then it’s just one more sleep until we hear Delirious by Steve Aoki bouncing off the walls all night in the Pepsi Center. Enjoy!