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Avs Victorious in the Desert 3-2

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Colorado improves to 4-3 on the year after defeating the Coyotes in Glendale.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

1st Period: Continuing off of the final two periods on Friday against the Jets, Colorado seemed to have control of the game, but found themselves trailing by a goal because of a former member of the Avalanche scoring. Last night it was Shawn Matthias, on this occasion it was Radim Vrabata with the tally and the help of Martin Hanzal and Max Domi. After this happened, I just raised my arms, shouted "Screw it! Might as well be 2-0 because obviously Jamie McGinn's gonna score now! Ryan O'Reilly will score at least once in each game against Buffalo, Nate Guenin will get a hat trick whenever we play Anaheim, and Mikkel Boedker will get a sock trick when we play the Sharks for the first time." It might have been an overreaction, I don't know. McGinn didn't end up scoring, for the record.

2nd Period: For the first time in more than a week, Avalanche fans had a goal to celebrate after Matt Duchene knocked in his fourth goal of the young season. He was assisted by Grigorenko and EJ. Johnson nearly made it 2-1 a couple minutes later, but missed on a wide open net from just outside the goal crease. That was a fun feeling. To make up for it, John Mitchell decided to get into a fight with a Coyote, then changed his mind, and was the last man on defense for the Avs, without a stick no less. Luckily, young phenom and the next Connor McDavid, Mikko Rantanen got his stick in the way of an Arizona pass that almost surely would have made it 2-1 Arizona. As a result, the teams went to the locker room even at one.

3rd Period: Not since 2001 had a Bourque scored a goal in an Avalanche uniform up until tonight. Rene Bourque got a power play goal relatively early into the final period to put the Avs ahead, and ultimately they would never give up that lead. Matt Duchene rocketed his second of the night midway through the period to make it 3-1, and despite Arizona cutting the deficit to 3-2 with four minutes left, Colorado preserved the victory and got their third of four wins this season on the road.

Mr. Fish's Three Sardines:

#3: Rene Bourque: He scored a goal.

#2: Calvin Pickard: He made lots of saves and got his second win in two starts this season.

#1: Matt Duchene: He scored two goals.

Mr. Fish's Three Flounders:

#3: Minnesota Wild: They suck.

#2: Jarome Iginla: He is still useless.

#1: John Mitchell: His aforementioned situation where Rantanen bailed him out angered me.

Help Mr. Fish With His 21st birthday: Shameless plug. I turn 21 tomorrow (perhaps today depending on where and when you read this) on Sunday the 30th, and I was birthed into this world in 1995, so that means I now get to legally drink alcohol. I am not much of a partier. My idea of a fun Saturday night invokes watching the Avalanche play and write about the game afterwards. I already know how my day will be spent tomorrow. I'll sleep in, probably til about noon, then go to Buffalo Wild Wings in the afternoon to watch the Broncos play with some of my closest friends.

The question at hand is, what do I drink? I do not want to get belligerently drunk to the point I'm throwing up and yelling at inanimate objects. I would, however, like to get buzzed and have some nice alcoholic beverages to enjoy my first day of now being able to legally drink whatever the hell I want. I need suggestions on what to ask for when my server comes by my table and I exclaim for the first time in my life what kind of adult beverage I'd like. At this point, I don't know. Do I be a basic white college male and order a Bud Light? Do I get something like a cocktail, martini... I have no clue. Help me, Mile High Hockey. You're my only hope.