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Rampage Game Day Thread: San Jose 11/5-6/16

San Antonio has a couple of brutal losses in their last 2 games and badly need some points. It’s all about the process, yes, but they’re getting dangerously close to self-elimination status in the early going. This weekend we have a pair of matinee games against San Jose before continuing on to Ontario and Stockton next week.

SA at BAK Fast Facts

Condors 7 - Rampage 1

Shots: 37-27 SA (57.8%), Grimaldi led the team with 7
Special Teams: PP 1/4, PK 1/2
Spencer Martin stopped 14/18 (.778) in P1&2, Nathan Lieuwen stopped 6/9 (.667) in P3
Goal: Compher (4) from Greer& Grimaldi

The Good

- Hard to believe but there were some good performances. Gabe Bourque looked good in his SA debut. Garry Nunn & Jim O’Brien were the only forwards that managed to avoid having a goal scored when they were on the ice.

- Ryan Stanton has quietly been very good at both ends of the ice and has managed to make Anton Lindholm look a whole lot better since being paired up. He alone out of the defensemen was not out there for one of the 7 goals against.

- JT Compher got a fluky goal on a garbage time power play. It came from hard work and being in the right spot so don’t dismiss it. Odd to say this about the team’s leading goal scorer but I wish he would shoot more, good things happen. AJ Greer had an assist to make it 9 points in 9 games.

The Bad

- Matt Lashoff. Brutal game. Mason Geertsen will take the heat for getting schooled on the first 3 goals of the game but Lashoff was his partner for all 3 plus he was on the ice for another 2. Say what you want about learning the system and the other guys, just the fact that it’s possible to have a night like that should disqualify him from SPC consideration. There’s no chance Boikov would have had an outing like that. Do not want.

- Nathan Lieuwen was less than ideal in his first Rampage action after struggling a bit with the Eagles. There are 2 back-to-backs on this trip and he more than likely is going to get at least one start. Let’s hope with some prep he turns it around quick.


San Jose has only played 4 games compared to the Rampage’s 9 so tough to say what we’re going to get. They’ve scored 14 goals and given up 11 FWIW.

Lines from Friday’s practice:

Whitney - O’Brien - Nunn
Greer - Compher - Grimaldi
Bourque - Vogelhuber - Sislo
Bourke/Henley - Belzile - Nantel

Pairs from the 3rd period Wednesday:

Stanton - Lindholm
Siemens - Geertsen
Lashoff - Jardine

Corbett and Belzile were the scratches on Wednesday. Bourque and Whitney were swapped a bunch from the lines above. Geertsen started out with Lashoff and after disaster struck moved up with Duncan, not surprisingly nothing bad happened after that.

Turner Elson (LBI), Chris Bigras (?BI), Jeremy Smith (?BI) and Reid Petryk (Broken Foot) are not on the trip and won’t be back in the lineup until the 15th at the earliest, more likely the 18th vs Charlotte for anyone that’s close.

Team Leaders

Goals - Compher (4) - Tied for 1st in Rookies
Assists - Greer (7) - Tied for 3rd in AHL, Tied for 1st in Rookies
Points - Greer (9) - Tied for 10th in AHL, Tied for 1st in Rookies
Shots - Grimaldi (32) - 3rd in AHL

Greer also 1st in Rookie Shooting Pct (36.4), Tied for 2nd in Rookie PP points and assists

Team Stats

Goals for: 2.22/gm (26th)
Goals against: 2.89/gm (14th)
PP: 10.9% (27th)
PK: 88.4% (6th)
Shots for: 29.22/gm (15th)
Shots against: 26.33/gm (5th)
Shooting Pct: 7.6%
Save Pct: 89.0%
PDO: 966 - Theoretically they should have around another 4 goals and given up 4 less so there’s plenty of regression to league average in the bank

Record: 3-6-0, 6 points. 7th in Pacific, tied for last in the Western Conference with Cleveland.


Today vs SJ, 4:15pm ET
Tomorrow vs SJ, 6pm ET

Both games start about an hour after the Avs games do, which is a bummer.