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MHH Ultimate Uniform Rankings: 70-61

Welcome to the scientifically tested and proven official ranking of every uniform currently being worn in the NHL on a regular basis. This segment will look at not quite the worst outfits in the league, but some of the worst.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Click here for the 79th to 71st ranked uniforms.

#70: Arizona Coyotes' home jersey:

Props to Arizona's management for deciding to add some personality to their jerseys in 2015. They sorely lacked in that department before this upgrade. I'm not big on their home sweaters, because it seems clear to me they had trouble deciding what parts of the sleeve should be white, red, and black, so they just threw that together and hoped it would work. These might not get a lot of love from me, but spoiler alert! Their away and alternate uniforms rank very well.

#69: Columbus Blue Jackets' away jersey:

There's nothing really wrong with these. It's just that there's nothing at all memorable or eye-catching about it. They're just there. Red, blue, and white as colors, man... So creative. Tell me, Columbus, wherever did you find the inspiration to make those your colors? No sports teams at all hardly use those as their team colors. Just revolutionary.

#68: Washington Capitals' home jersey:

Not a fan of the white creases that crawl up to the shoulder blades. Somehow this shade of red and this shade of blue don't run together all that well either. It's a nearly flawless color combination, but too dark of a blue and too bright of a red has brought things to this point. You guys should wear these again.

#67: Calgary Flames' away jersey:

Ugh, piping, you ugly bastard. It's a good sweater excluding those horrid red pipes that stick out like a sore thumb. Love the logo, love the heat colors that Calgary uses between bright bred and bright yellow, but man, why you gotta pipe it?

#66: Buffalo Sabres' away jersey

Underwhelming. The gray stripe that also comes into play on the home sweater is annoying and they might as well have just made the entire sweater nothing but yellow and navy stripes.

#65: Minnesota Wild's alternate jersey:

They should be forced to disband as an organization just for using three different shields on each of their three sweaters. This one's the worst. It has the stupid logo AND the stupid name. The Christmas colors don't work either.

#64: Nashville Predators' home jersey:

Too much yellow. These were middle of the road when they had the blue helmets, now they look like a joke. God bless this meme.

#63: Colorado Avalanche's home jersey:

Way more personality in these than the away sweaters. Still though, #piping. Our old jerseys were so much cooler. Also Matt looks beautiful in this photo.

#62: Ottawa Senators' away jersey:

Similarly to Columbus' away sweater, you look at this and feel like there should be something else there, like you're not getting the full experience when you look at this. Lots of meh.

#61: Carolina Hurricanes' away jersey:

Not nearly as much plagiarism here as there is in the home outfit, but this still isn't a tremendous achievement in the sports fashion world by any stretch of the imagination.