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MHH Ultimate Uniform Rankings: #60-51

Welcome to the scientifically tested and proven official ranking of every uniform currently being worn in the NHL on a regular basis. This segment will look at uniforms that aren't necessarily bad, but not quite as good as some others in the league.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

#60: Dallas Stars' away jersey:

Overall, I'm a fan of the makeover the Stars did a few years ago. This is a fresher, more up to date look over what they had been wearing throughout the Modano years. The one issue I have with it is that it's akin to a Blackhawks jersey with green instead of red. There's a lot of similarities, and I'll be touching on that further when we reach the home uniform.

#59: Minnesota Wild's away jersey:

If the Wild were smart, they'd go back to making this logo their shield on each of their sweaters. But alas, the Wild are not smart, and they went away from that idea several years ago, limiting the manbearpig to only being shown on the white sweaters. Even though it's dumb, it is a cool logo. One of the more unique in the league. Problem is the green shorts aren't the same shade as green as the one on the shirt. It's a nice look, and better than what was there before the upgrade, but I'm not overly impressed.

#58: Columbus Blue Jackets' home jersey:

I said it in the previous article about their away looks, There's nothing memorable about the Blue Jackets' ensemble. Red and blue is the most unoriginal color combination in sports, and their primary logo has never made sense. At least it's a solid jersey. They didn't do anything dumb with it. Nothing to write home about though.

#57: Edmonton Oilers' away jersey:

There are officially more good uniforms in the league than there are bad ones, because it's amazing I put the Oilers' away unit this far down. Iconic look. As a diehard Broncos fan, I swear by the fact orange and blue is a potent combination that looks as good as it does unique. Therefore, you won't be surprised to know the homes and alternates rank very well.

#56: New York Islanders' alternate jersey:

Speaking of teams that usually wear blue and orange, we look at a uniform that doesn't feature any of either. Typically I'm a fan of all black. It's a badass, intimidating look. Something about this doesn't quite add up with some of the other black uniforms in the league. The white stripes on the sleeves are a little overdone and the edited logo doesn't do anything for me. I'd have preferred the standard circular logo except with black and white undertones.

#55: Washington Capitals' away jersey:

I like the away sweater more than the home sweater. It's not as glaring and a lot simpler. The one thing they both have in common though is the color (in this case red) that runs up to the player's armpits. It isn't necessary and make the players look fatter than they are. Just look at how Oshie sits in that picture and try to distinguish where his chest ends and where his arms start in that picture.

#54: Colorado Avalanche's alternate jersey:

When the Avs first debuted these last year, I was uninspired. But as time's gone along, I've grown to like them. These are by far and away our favorite team's best alternate jerseys in my opinion. We're not trying to rip off the Rangers' diagonal lettering anymore, implemented a cool new logo, and got away from the horrific burgundy that was overblown on the first sweater, and the hodgepodge of red and blue on the last alternate. Hopefully the Avs keep these around for a while.

#53: Nashville Predators' away jersey:

Better than the home uniforms, like the Caps, for the same reason. It's not overly fancy or a failed attempt to make a bold statement. You can tell their colors are yellow and blue, but it's not obnoxiously thrown in any place. I wish they'd get rid of the piping and thus that slither of yellow underneath the shoulders; besides that it's not bad.

#52: Tampa Bay Lightning's away jersey:

Love the fact Tampa got real simple and classic with their uniforms several years ago. An unquestioned improvement over these. If you don't know hockey at all, this gives you the feel of a team who's been around for a long time because they look like classics. I have one subtle complaint about these though that make them in-superior to the home sweaters, and that's the writing of Tampa Bay on the front of the sweater. That isn't there on the home uniform. This being on here makes it look like a scream to the world no one knows who this team is if they don't have that on there. Get rid of that, I'd bump this into the Top 30.

#51: Dallas Stars' home jersey:

So, to continue the thought about how this is just a green version of the Blackhawks jerseys. Have a gander at the Hawks' home sweaters. Look at it from head to toe. Now, tell me what about that jersey wasn't obviously copied and then modified somewhat to make this uniform? I can't think of anything. It only ranks this well because it looks good. No other team uses kelly green, and the Stars make it look really good here.