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MHH Uniform Rankings: #50-41

Welcome to the scientifically tested and proven official ranking of every uniform currently being worn in the NHL on a regular basis. This segment will look at uniforms that are good, but not great.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

#50: New York Islanders' away jersey:

It's classic if nothing else. The Islanders have rocked a look similar to this for so long now it's easily identifiable. Then again, so is Edmonton's road uniform. I give this look a slight nod over the one from Alberta because of an equal distribution of blue and orange. The Oilers' road sweater is mostly just blue.

#49: New York Rangers' alternate jersey:

Don't get me wrong, it's cool, but it's not as nice as the classic home sweaters. The royal blue fits them better than navy does, and the lettering should be the usual "Rangers" rather than "New York" simply because there are two teams in New York. How do you differentiate yourselves from the team directly above them by not showing your nickname anywhere? These alternates were better.

#48: Ottawa Senators' home jersey:

I said this same thing about their white sweaters. They're nice, attractive, and not hurtful to the eye, but nothing sticks out about them. Also, Ottawa should use this guy as their shield instead of that mean looking dude they currently have.

#47: Tampa Bay Lightning's alternate jersey:

In my esteemed opinion, you should never use your slang name anywhere on an official uniform of yours. "Bolts" on the Tampa sweater would be like putting "Habs" and nothing but on the front of a Montreal alternate uniform. Imagine the outrage that would cause. Mainly this uniform comes in where it does because of the badass lightning bolt on their shorts. A really sweet look.

#46: Pittsburgh Penguins' home jersey:

As I've mentioned with the away sweater, the change of a dull yellow to a bright yellow benefits the home sweater while it hurts the away sweater. The Pens look like they're from the 1970s with this apparel, and that's a good thing. A gnarly look that screams physical smashmouth hockey. Only thing I dislike about it is the white stripe on each of the sleeves.

#45: San Jose Sharks' away jersey:

I love the fact San Jose got simple with things a couple years ago. Remember when they wore these? Those were such a cluster-you-know-what. This is a classic looking sweater that's simple, intimidating, and easy to like.

#44: Columbus Blue Jackets' alternate jersey:

Columbus needs to make this their official home sweater. This logo actually gives the team identity unlike the main one, and these blue and tan sweaters give them some personality. Really a cool look. I'd call it one of the most underrated sweaters in the game.

#43: Los Angeles Kings' away jersey:

I liked it more when the Kings made purple a thing on their uniforms and it's too bad they've all but abandoned that. Black and white is cool too, however. I'm not a fan of the Kings' lettering and number footing, although that's a bigger problem on the black sweaters than the white ones. The black line that extends from hand to neck on the sweater is my one criticism here. It would be a better sweater without that bar.

#42: Washington Capitals' alternate jersey:

Another case of an alternate uniform being better than the main home uniform. This encapsulates the Caps' history, stands out more than the dark red sweaters, and looks sharper. The prominent red/white/blue featuring represents the club well seeing as how they're based out of America's capital. One minor criticism: it's almost the exact same shade of red and blue as what Montreal uses, and they claimed it first.

#41: Anaheim Ducks' home jersey:

Black goes well with any color. Orange is never used enough with black though. When it is, in the case of Anaheim's sweaters, it's a really sweet look. I know I knocked Anaheim for deciding to use orange more solely because of their county name, but with these as your primary sweater, it's a bit harder to criticize. Like I've said before though, orange isn't a color that belongs with a duck. So why does a team called the Ducks identify by orange? It's the one thing preventing me from moving this uniform further up the ladder.