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MHH Ultimate Uniform Rankings: #40-31

Welcome to the scientifically tested and proven official ranking of every uniform currently being worn in the NHL on a regular basis. This segment will look at uniforms that are near the point of being among the sport's best.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

#40: Calgary Flames' alternate jersey:


There's really nothing that different about this from their home sweater, except this one informs viewers what city this franchise is based out of. It's a good look. Especially when the players aren't in jeans and tennis shoes.

#39: Boston Bruins' alternate jersey:

This is the "worst" of the natural Original 6 uniforms, if you discount the Rangers' third jersey. Iconic, intimidating, true to Bruins' tradition, etc. It's just that there are other looks that are better. Thirty-eight, to be exact.

#38: Calgary Flames' home jersey:

I saved much of my comments on the Flames' alternate for this blurb, because like I said they're very closely related. Love how the Flames look slick and "hot" in these. I do like this look more than the old-school bright red and white shield jerseys, although those are nice to see every now and then. The Canada and Alberta flags on the shoulders is a nice touch.

#37: Chicago Blackhawks' away jersey:

The Blackhawks will never not have cool uniforms. Everything about them is eye-catching. The road sweaters are simple and to the point and among the best road jerseys in the league.

#36: Detroit Red Wings' away jersey:

To hell with Detroit and all, but their jerseys are/have been/always will be classics. As long as they always keep it simple with just red and white and the iconic winged wheel, the Red Wings will always have us beat in the fashion department. At least we have clean water to drink.

#35: Edmonton Oilers' home jersey:

Thank Christ Edmonton went back to these beauties versus the dark blue sweaters they had. Those were gross. These are not.

#34: St. Louis Blues' away jersey:

Much goodness to be found here. The music note will always stand the time as one of the best logos in all of sports. Blue and yellow in hockey matches only to one team, and that team is the Blues, who have rocked this look very well.

#33: New York Islanders' home jersey:

I think it would be better with either more dark blue or more orange in place of the white that's to be found, however, it is still a lovely uniform that doesn't look like it belongs in 2016/17. This would be something you find in the 1980s, and the Islanders' refusal to do much of an overhaul to their sweaters is smart and appreciated by me.

#32: Los Angeles Kings' home jersey:

As I said with the blurb on the white sweater, the Kings would be better off with some purple here. Still, it fits. They look like kings in black and white, which, you know, is kind of important being called the (double checks for accuracy) Kings! My favorite part is the socks. Oh, those black and white socks can take me away.

#31: Winnipeg Jets' away jerseys:

There were many good things about the Thrashers relocating to Winnipeg and making the Jets a thing once more. Among them, was the revival of a classic set of uniforms the Jets own, along with the Thrashers' uniforms being thrown in the trash chute, because they were not good. The Peg owns a set of sweaters that are simple, cool, and sleek. If only their players were so clean and gentle.