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MHH Ultimate Uniform Rankings: #30-21

Welcome to the scientifically tested and proven official ranking of every uniform currently being worn in the NHL on a regular basis. This segment will look at a bunch of uniforms that are very solid.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

#30: Minnesota Wild's home jersey:

Despite my hatred of the Wild and their inconsistency with the shields on the front of each sweater, I do like this one quite a bit. Dark green and tan never crossed my mind as a potential good color combination until the Wild started doing it a few years ago. I must say, it looks pretty good. Nice classic uniform and by far the best of the three Minnesota uses.

#29: Vancouver Canucks' away jersey:

I love the Canucks' uniforms. Royal blue and shamrock green is a fantastic pairing and Vancouver sure does it use well. I can't imagine how happy their fans were to ditch these and bring this sort of look back to the franchise. Next trick is to figure out how to win the Stanley Cup.

#28: Philadelphia Flyers' away jersey:

The Flyers are another team with legendary uniforms on all fronts. My favorite part about the road sweaters is the black bar for the player's name on the back. Unique to the Flyers and a really cool idea by whoever had that thought. Never been able to figure out what their logo is supposed to be or represent, but it sure is iconic.

#27: Montreal Canadiens' away jersey:

It's no secret Montreal has great uniforms. The white sweater is good, but not nearly as good as the home sweater. I think a blue stripe encircling the sweater on this jersey like the one on the home jersey would be cool and move this up a bit more. Nonetheless, classic and aesthetically pleasing.

#26: Philadelphia Flyers' alternate jersey:

The best part about the alternates is the irregular little shape they have over the captain's marks, as seen here on Wayne Simmonds' chest. This is the most Halloween-looking uniform in all of sports.

#25: New York Rangers' away jersey:

Yet again, another Original 6 classic. Simple yet memorable. The diagonal lettering will always be the greatest part about the Rangers' look though.

#24: Toronto Maple Leafs' away jersey:

You might have noticed now that every Original 6 away sweater is on the list now, with all the home uniforms yet to be displayed. This is because while each of these six sweaters is very nice, they don't show the personalities and identities of each team quite as well as the home sweater. For those wondering though, regarding the Maple Leafs' logo change to the more classic leaf, it didn't affect me one way or another. I think they're both fine.

#23: New Jersey Devils' away jersey:

Quietly, the Devils have assembled some real potent uniforms. Black and red is always a good combo, especially when your team is nicknamed after Satan, and you play in a state that is possessed by Satan. Jokes aside, as much as I like the Devils' current sweaters, they looked better when they played in Colorado.

#22: Arizona Coyotes' away jersey:

Would it surprise you if I told you this is the highest ranked road sweater? Believe it. I do think this is the best white sweater in the league, and I'm sure you'll disagree, so let me explain my rationale. Most road sweaters in the league don't do a great job of representing any uniqueness or style in comparison to the home uniforms. I love the Coyotes' logo striking some fear up front, the Arizona logos on the shoulders are cool and stylish, and the new element of black makes this uniform look especially sleek. There you go then. Every uniform from here on in is either a home sweater or alternate sweater.

#21: Vancouver Canucks' home jersey:

We go back to the boys in British Columbia to conclude this part of the rankings. So much to like about these. It just looks like a great hockey uniform, if you catch my drift.