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MHH Ultimate Uniform Rankings: #20-11

Welcome to the scientifically tested and proven official ranking of every uniform currently being worn in the NHL on a regular basis. This segment will look at some real treasures.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

#20: Boston Bruins' alternate jersey:

Take away the fact the bruin on the sweater looks like it has down syndrome, this is a nice remix of a classic. The home uniforms are better, but these are very good themselves. Their use of black and yellow beats Pittsburgh's because it's not in your face and strategically placed, where as the Penguins look like they just decided to throw the two colors on the sweaters and hoped it'd turn out okay. Boston does a good job with it on each sweater. This one very much included.

#19: St. Louis Blues' home jersey:

Simply a classic, except there are eighteen others that are better.

#18: Tampa Bay Lightning's home jersey:

I mentioned it when talking about the white sweater, but these are very simple and classic-looking. Nothing fancy about it, just a couple of colors that go well together in an orderly fashion.

#17: San Jose Sharks' alternate jersey:

Oh heavens, I love these. That teal stripe on the forearm surrounded by black is beautiful, man. Just a really badass look. Nothing negative to say about these at all.

#16: Ottawa Senators' alternate jersey:

This one causes a bit of a divide. Some people hate these, but then there are smart people like me who really enjoy them. Nice mix of classic early 20th century hockey and modern-day hockey.

#15: New Jersey Devils' home jersey:

I'm a sucker for red and black and the overall intimidation it represents. FYI, the Devils' sweater with the green stripe is not to be found on this list since it's technically considered a throwback instead of an alternate. That would probably rank around 30th for me. Good, but not as dapper as these with the black stripe.

#14: Winnipeg Jets' home jersey:

If you haven't been able to tell already, I'm a big proponent of unique simplicity. Don't overdo anything, just get a few colors no one else used before you, put a nice logo on top of it, and run from there. The Peg's home sweater defines that concept.

#13: San Jose Sharks' home jersey:

The Sharks just rock that teal so well. I almost like the alternates more, but teal is unique to San Jose. Like ten teams would argue that black is unique to them; San Jose being one of them. These are real good though. Only criticism: get rid of the random orange stripe to be found on the socks and sleeves. It's not necessary.

#12: Vancouver Canucks' alternate jersey:

For as simple a hockey logo as that is, it's amazing how you see that and instantly know it belongs to the Canucks. I've never been big on the sea creature logo or whatever the hell that thing is, but the color scheme makes it alright. Get rid of that thing, put the stick in there, with the same colors? It's porn.

#11: Detroit Red Wings' home jersey:

It's a classic and one of the best uniforms ever. I'm just not including it in my Top 10 as a middle finger to the Red Wings.