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Podcast People: Your Weekly Pods for February 23rd

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Rick Stewart/Getty Images

We're back with your weekly time vampires, enjoy!

- Lead off with this week's #MHHPod with SteveHouse, The big Kahuna and myself

- Last week the BSN crew had Adrian Dater on their pod, good stuff on trades and deadline talk from the Former DP writer

- Patrick Roy was on the Fan yesterday and talked about the alumni game of course but there was some solid conversation on the team for a change.

Also from the Fan there are interviews with Claude Lemieux and Adam Deadmarsh leading up to Friday's tilt against the wingy wheels.

- Dan Weiss' weekly offerings with Coach Dean: Saturday and before Tuesday's game

- Nate and JP are back with another episode of Running With the Herd Live covering the Rampage's trip to Lake Erie, the trade deadline and the usual excellent features

As always, feel free to add whatever hockey-related stuff you're listening to this week.