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Game Preview: Avalanche Host Stars

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The last time the Avalanche and the Stars met up was like a cheap action movie. Bad guys surrounded the Avalanche, firing automatic pistols haphazardly in their general direction. Countless bullets clinged and clanged off various metal objects (because they're obviously in some sort of industrial setting), sending sparks flying and springing leaks from the surrounding gas lines. The Avalanche, huddled in a safe spot, desperately looked around for any means of escape, and saw a rocket launcher resting conveniently within reach. They picked it up, uttered a snappy catch-phrase ("Check out the fault in THESE Stars, baby!"), and fired three devastating shots at the unsuspecting enemy, eradicating any remaining threat. Then they walked away from the smoldering rubble into the sunset.

Yeah, it was kind of like that.

Dallas shot 106 times toward Colorado's net, scoring just once. The Avs, in return, took just 32 shots, as big a discrepancy as you'll find in professional hockey. But they made it count, scoring twice short-handed, and sealing the game with a third at even-strength in the 3rd period. It was an odd sixty minutes of hockey. Emotions afterward were a mixture of exhaustion, exasperation, guilt, and hubris. But a win is a win, especially against a 2nd-place division rival with three of the league's highest scorers at their respective positions.

The Avalanche will try their luck against the Stars again tonight, this time at home. Goalie Semyon Varlamov should be back tonight after missing three games to attend a civil trial, but not likely in a starting role as he gets back into game shape after not practicing for a couple of weeks. The other notable change is the return of Andreas Martinsen in place of Chris Wagner. He will occupy the 4th-line LW and Mikhail Grigorenko will slide back to center. Otherwise, just a regular ol' game!


Iginla - MacKinnon - Duchene

Landeskog - Soderberg - Comeau

McLeod - Mitchell - Skille

Martinsen - Grigorenko - Tanguay

*  *  *

Beauchemin - Johnson

Holden - Barrie

Bigras - Redmond

*  *  *

Calvin Pickard

Semyon Varlamov

*  *  *

Puck drops at 7:00 PM MST. Let's hope the official online stream works this time, yeah?