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Introducing Ava-March Madness!

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Bracketology, meet the Colorado Avalanche. Avalanche, meet bracketology.

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Now is the time of year when sports for most people in the United States becomes a discussion of college basketball, brackets, college basketball, and brackets. For us hockey fans that fill out college basketball brackets haphazardly, not knowing what we're doing or talking about, it can be a difficult time, while the beloved Avalanche make their playoff push.

Being the generous, good-natured person and author that I am, I want all of you beautiful Mile High Hockey readers to get the chance to ponder a bracket where you do know what you're talking about, and make choices you feel good about. That's why I'm introducing all of you to Ava-March Madness, the March Madness tournament concentrated solely on the Colorado Avalanche.

Ava-March Madness will be a matter of deciding what Colorado Avalanche fans love the most. You will be given the opportunity to vote on different match ups deciding on who or what you love more. Votes will be collected and tallied until only one person, group, or thing remains, proving to be the most beloved thing to Mile High Hockey.

A la the college basketball tournament, there will be four different "regions" composed of a certain category of people, places, or things (so basically nouns). The regions are as follows: favorite current Avalanche player, favorite Avalanche legend, most hated Avalanche people or things, and favorite non-hockey items or things.

The Final Four will be composed of, and reflect who everyone's favorite current player is, who their favorite legend is, who or what they hate the most, and what they love the most that has nothing to do with hockey. The favorite player and legend will clash in the first semifinal, while the most beloved non-hockey item will get an automatic bye week into the championship, so as no one has the opportunity to rig the bracket and make the most hated thing somehow become the most loved thing. That glorious thing no one associates with ice hockey will have a legendary showdown against the general public's favorite current or past Avalanche player, determining what this group loves most.

Mr. Fish, where do I vote?

Good question, person! Voting will be on Twitter thanks to Twitter polls. Favorite current player voting will lake place on Wednesday, favorite legends on Thursday, the hate list on Friday, and the non-hockey category vote on Saturday. We'll take Sunday off from voting, then get back to voting on Monday in the same order as the first round went. If you don't have Twitter and want to vote, I suggest you get one! Twitter is fun, obviously, because it's on the non-hockey ballot! Don't follow MHH on Twitter? First off, what is wrong with you? Secondly, the handle is @MileHighHockey. (I know, crazy right?)

Mr. Fish, how were non-hockey subjects seeded?

Another fine question! Well, I figured since everyone's personal preferences are different, I randomized the seeds of the sixteen things not involving hockey. So it is entirely possible for the 16 seed in the non-hockey division to get into the Final 4. We'll just have to see how things shake out.

Mr. Fish, what if I love the two players or things competing against each other so much I can't pick one over the other?

Tough! Life is hard and difficult, Ava-March Madness should be no different.

Good luck to all players, groups, and things involved, may the best man/group/thing win! So without further ado, here are the brackets:

UPDATE: Below are now the updated brackets after one round of voting. The vote will continue Monday with more "favorite player" voting.

UPDATE 2: The Sweet 16 is finalized and the brackets are again updated.