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Game 76 Preview: Avs @ Predators

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After a devastating loss to the Wild on Saturday, the Avalanche (38-33-4) will have to hope for help as they press on against the Nashville Predators (39-23-13).

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Losing never feels good. Losing especially doesn't feel good when the game is as big as it was for the Avalanche on Saturday. Facing off against the Minnesota Wild, the Avalanche held their playoff destiny in their hands. Even with the loss to the Flyers Thursday, the Avs could have taken control of the standings by defeating the Wild. They would only trail the Wild by one point with a game in hand and a better ROW to claim the first tie-breaker. The Avs came out strong for the second game in a row, but yet again allowed terrible turnovers and defensive gaps allow the other team to take complete control of the game. The final sting came when the Wild walked out of Pepsi Center Saturday afternoon with a 4-0 win, and a five point lead in the wildcard chase.

Realistically, Saturday's game probably spelled the end of the Avalanche's season. But, there is a chance, no matter how small of the Avs making the playoffs. Now, the Avs will need help. The Avs schedule ahead is nowhere near as light as the Wild's schedule, but somehow, if there is a team dumb enough to come back from the lost opportunity they had Saturday, it's the Avalanche. The team will continue to be without Matt Duchene and Nathan MacKinnon for the back-to-back games against the Predators and Blues on Monday and Tuesday, but yet again players like Erik JohnsonTyson Barrie, and Gabriel Landeskog will have to answer the bell. There's only seven games left. Let's see what they can do.









Scratches: Zadorov, Redmond, Gelinas


- As expected, Mikko Rantanen was reassigned after the game Saturday.

Andrew Agozzino and Nikita Zadorov were recalled Sunday.

- The Avalanche have allowed 36 shots in the last two second periods.

- The Predators would clinch a playoff spot with a regulation win.


Game time: 6pm MT