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Stanley Cup Playoffs and Sunday Open Thread - 4/17/16

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning all. The playoffs march on today with the series set as such so far:

Stars lead Wilds 2-0, next game tomorrow

Bloos/Blackhawks tied at 1, next game today at 3pm ET on plain ol' NBC

Ducks lead Preds 1-0, next game tonight at 10:30pm ET on NBCSN

Sharks lead Kings 2-0, next game tomorrow

Isles and Panthers tied at 1, next game tonight at 8pm ET on NBCSN

Bolts lead detroit 2-0, next game tonight at 7pm ET on CNBC

Caps lead Flyer 2-0, next game tomorrow

Pens/Rags tied at 1, next game Tuesday

We could see our first elimination game on Tuesday if Tampa beats the hapless wingys today. Wednesday might have a few. Time for things to get tense.