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GDT: Stanley Cup Playoffs - 4/21/16

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! The Flyer winning last night guarantees no sweeps this year, although there could be as many as five 5-game series. Tonight detroit and Chicago look to fend off elimination while the Rags and Ducks try to tie up their series. The NHL finally gives the Preds a reasonable starting time then puts the game on the NHL Network, which means no one can watch it anyway.

wingys at Bolts 7pm ET on NBCSN, TBL lead 3-1

Pens at Rags 7pm ET on CNBC, Pens up 2-1

Ducks at Preds 8pm on NHLN, Nashvegas with a 2-1 advantage

Hawks at Bloos 9:30pm on NBCSN, St Looey leads 3-1