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GDT: Weekend Playoff Thread 4/22/16

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Our pals in detroit are the post-season's first casualty, Philly, Minnesota and LA may join them tonight. Would be nice to say goodbye to the Wilds, amirite?


Flyer at Caps 7pm ET on NBCSN, WAS lead 3-1

Isles at Panthers 8pm ET on CNBC, series tied at 2

Wilds at Stars 9:30pm ET on NBCSN, Stars up 3-1

Sharks at Kings 10:30pm ET on CNBC, Sharks lead 3-1


The hapless Rangers try to avoid early golf time in the casual fan afternoon game. The Anaheim/Nashvegas series is looking for his first home ice winner. After a deflating OT loss Thursday night, the Bloos aren't looking like the favorite they once were. It's still an elimination game for Chicago but I doubt they feel as much pressure as St Looey here.

Rags at Pens 3:00pm ET on NBC, Pens leading 3-1

Preds at Ducks 6:00pm ET on NBCSN, all tied at 2

Bloos at Hawks 8:00pm ET on NBC, St Looey up 3-2