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Sunday Playoffs and Open Thread - 4/24/16

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning all. The NHL has an afternoon double header on national TV for anyone that can't deal with lovely spring weather. Washington tries, again, to eliminate the Flyer who have won 2 in a row facing elimination. Dallas needs to get it's act together and finish off Minnie or face a game 7. The late game is the thrilling Cats/Isles series, the Islanders edged out to a 3-2 lead on Friday's double OT win.

Just a reminder that Tampa and San Jose have moved to the 2nd round already. You can check your MHH bracket here, our good friend Men in Tights has an early 3 point lead on the field.

WAS at PHI 12:00n ET on NBC, Caps lead 3-2

DAL at MIN 3:00pm ET on NBC, Stars up 3-2

FLA at NYI 7:00pm ET on NBCSN, Isles 3-2