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GDT: Stanley Cup Playoffs - 4/25/16

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Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Only two series left active after the Flyer, Wilds and Panthers were eliminated yesterday. No offense to ANA/NSH, a fine series in it's own right, but the big game is the winner take all #7 between Chicago and St Looey tonight. The 2nd round schedule hasn't been released yet but we do know that if Anaheim wins there won't be any games for a little while, so enjoy.

Be sure to check out your brackets for the MHH Challenge here, DNFTO (69) has the lead going into today by 3 over FormerVermonter and Vlaktron. I myself have picked all 6 completed series correctly but I seem to have missed every single # of games prediction. Wtf?

Ducks at Preds 8:00pm ET on CNBC, Ducks lead 3-2

Hawks at Bloos 8:30pm ET on NBCSN, GAME 7