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2016 NHL Draft Lottery Watch

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For the first time in league history, the NHL will draw for not just the top draft spot, but the top three. Follow along for all relevant information, as well as our scheduled group finger-crossing session.

Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

The draft lottery is a tool employed in the NHL and the NBA used to prevent tanking, or purposely losing games to secure a draft position. In other leagues, like the NFL and MLB, if you're the worst team, you simply get the top draft selection. In basketball, all fifteen non-playoff teams are placed in order via lottery selection.


The lottery was first implemented in 1995, picking for just the No. 1 spot. And until 2012, the rule stated the lottery winner could move up no more than four selections in the draft, making it awfully hard to leapfrog the worst team. In 2013, the league eliminated that limitation, and any non-playoff team had a chance to win the lottery and move up to No. 1 spot, even if the odds were pretty low. For 2016, the NHL will now draw for the Top-3 selections in three separate lotteries. The Avalanche, finishing just outside the playoffs, will now have three chances to move into a high lottery pick.

The odds still aren't good, mind you, but there is a chance.

Colorado will have a 3.5% chance to nab the first selection, a 3.8% chance to nab the second selection, and a 4.1% to move up to the third. This will all be determined at 6:00 PM MST tonight on NBCSN. So, if you're interested in watching and discussing with your fellow dreamers, this is the place to do it.

Hopefully, by June 24th the Avs will be adding another Finnish winger to their arsenal.