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Stars Beat Avalanche

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The Stars scored more goals than the Avalanche.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Avalanche lost to the Dallas Stars by a score of four to two on Thursday April 7th, 2016 at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

1st Period: Would it surprise you that the Avalanche allowed a goal to a guy in his first career NHL game? It shouldn't, and Jason Dickinson did just that for the Stars after a poor exchange behind the net between Francois Beauchemin and Calvin Pickard gave Dickinson one of the easiest first career goals in NHL history. Dallas won the shots on goal battle 15-4.

2nd Period: Erik Johnson boarded Johnny Oduya and that led to the Condor being ejected. Colin Sceviour scored for Dallas on the resulting five minute major. The Avs then had to take the end of the penalty down 2 men on a 5 on 3, and during that sequence the second best Benn on the Stars (Jordie) fired in a heavy slap shot to make it 3-0.

3rd Period: Francois Beuchemin got credited with a goal to ensure the Avs wouldn't be shutout that was assisted by John Mitchell and Gabe Landeskog. The Stars got a late empty-netter to put this one away for good, which was their 24th empty netter on the season, the most any NHL team has gotten in one season ever. Jarome Iginla did score his 22nd thereafter, however, to leave it appearing like this was a closer game than it appeared.

Mr. Fish's Three Sardines:

#3: Gabe Landeskog: Yay for being a leader I guess and getting an assist.

#2: John Mitchell: Woohoo for getting the primary assist on the lone Avs goal.

#1: Time: Thank goodness there's only more game of this season to endure.

Mr. Fish's Three Flounders:

#3: Most of the team: Where oh where has the effort been the last several games. Tonight was more explainable since the playoffs are gone, but it's still just as painful to watch.

#2: Peter McNab: "Minnesota is a real good hockey club, Mike." In what stupid universe is that statement accurate right now?

#1: Mike Haynes: (Talking to McLeod before the game) "Cody, on behalf of all Avalanche fans, I just want to say thank you and we appreciate all that you do." .......What?

One more game to force upon ourselves, folks. We can do this.