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Thursday Playoff Thread - WCF 5/19/16

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! The Western Conference heads to San Jose for game 3 all tied at 1. Home ice seems to mean little at this point of the Cup run but the Sharks have it tonight. Unlike the ECF I'm not sure this one goes long, but with two historic playoff chokers matched up anything can happen.

Our beloved Komets are in Allen, Texas for game 3 of the WC Finals tonight. They are down 0-2 but not out. Word is that Avs prospect defenseman Cody Corbett will be in the lineup for the first time since early in the 1st round. Interesting move, Corbs adds offense for sure but is suspect in the other 2 zones. Game starts at 8:05pm ET and you can follow along on WOWO radio.

Bloos at Sharks 9pm ET on NBCSN