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2015-16 Avalanche Player Evaluation Survey

More surveys you ask? Well, how about this bad boy?

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

So, as we start reflecting on the season that was (unlike playoff teams, we get to do that now), I'm interested in doing a little experiment. I want you guys, the Mile High Hockey faithful, to grade every player who logged minutes for the Avalanche last season. Simple A, B, C, D, F grades -- just like the ones your teachers used to give you!

How do you do that? Clicking on the link below will take you to a Google Form that will ask you to grade all 35 eligible players (I excluded Roman Will's one appearance because of its crazy circumstances).

The rules are as follows:

Please rate each player according to your expectations in relation to:

1.) Position
2.) NHL Tenure
3.) Role on the Team

For instance, we are comparing Cody McLeod against other veteran 4th-line LWs and Chris Bigras against other rookie bottom-pairing defenseman. Please refrain from using extreme evaluations ('A' or 'F') unless they truly apply. Let's use this key as a guide:

A - Exceedingly surpassed expectations
B - Reasonably surpassed expectations
C - Met expectations
D - Performed just below expectations
F - Failed to meet expectations

Don't overthink this. No need to look up comparative statistics or print out everyone's HERO charts. This is a really simple, "Hey, I think Blake Comeau was pretty decent this year and a free agent 3rd-liner!" and then mark him down for a "C" or whatever. This is the eyeball test that we'll use to help do our evaluations -- like how does his actual performance compare to his fan perception.

Also, we only want your opinion of the player in an Avalanche uniform. Yes, Rantanen, Everberg, and Street were all pretty good for the Rampage this year, but this only concerns their performance for the big club.

I think it will be fun. I hope everyone can participate.

Click to take the survey now!