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MHH Draft Countdown: Thursday Edition

2015 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Less than 36 hours from now we’ll have the answer to the question we’ve all been asking for the last 3 months: Who will be the next top prospect in the Avs organization?

That said, anticipation will make this a long 36 hours, here’s some daydream material that will make the time fly right by:

First up, Ryan & Ron from the Avalanche site sat down with Director of Amateur Scouting Alan Hepple for a fantastic 38 and a half minutes of insight into how the org prepares for draft day and what goes into creating their list of desired picks. It’s really good stuff, you need to listen to it.

The Avs have their media team in Buffalo so expect updates throughout the weekend.

Next, our old friends from BSN have boatloads of prospect profiles at their Draft Central, over 50 at last count, of everyone from the top of the heap to complementary guys in the later rounds. Excellent time vampire.

Finally, the Avs have their own Draft page with profiles, quick facts and parallel content from NHL dot com.


As much as I’m anticipating the pick at #10, I love Saturday even more. I purposefully don’t spend a lot of time perusing who might fall to the club in the 2nd-7th rounds because it’s a blast hearing a name, most likely for the first time ever, and starting the process of figuring out who/what/why about a new member of the franchise. Sergei who? What’s a Nantel? Which Andrei Mironov did we just draft? and so forth.

What about you, dear reader? What’s your favorite part of draft week? How do you prepare?