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GDT: NHL Draft 2016 Round 1

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Your Colorado Avalanche will welcome in the newest member of the franchise tonight with pick #10 in the amateur draft.

Time: 7pm ET, 5pm in the Mountain. Preview show streamed starting at 5pm ET
Place: First Niagara Center in beautiful Buffalo NY
View: NBCSN, Sportsnet & TVA

Draft order:

1. Toronto

2. Winnipeg

3. Columbus

4. Edmonton

5. Vancouver

6. Calgary

7. Arizona

8. Buffalo

9. Montreal

10. Colorado

11. New Jersey

12. Ottawa

13. Carolina

14. Boston

15. Minnesota

16. Detroit

17. Nashville

18. Philadelphia

19. NY Islanders

20. Arizona (from NYR)

21. Carolina (from LAK)

22. Winnipeg (from CHI)

23. Florida

24. Anaheim

25. Dallas

26. Washington

27. Tampa Bay

28. St. Louis

29. Boston (from SJS)

30. Anaheim (from PIT via TOR)

There's going to be some opening ceremonies and so forth plus the picks are spaced out more in the 1st round than on Saturday. I'll take a wild guess and say the Avs will pick no earlier than 8ET/6MT but don't hold me to that.

Assuming you're reading this prior to the Avs selection, go ahead and make your call. Who will it be? Big Logan Brown? Shifty Clayton Keller? Sergachev? Nylander? Jost? Someone dropping further than expected right into the Avs lap?

Stay tuned for rounds 2-7 tomorrow morning bright and early at 10ET/8MT.