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Stanley Cup Finals thread (Calder Cup too!) - 6/6/16

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! A nice bounceback win in overtime Saturday got the Sharks on the board but if they don't back it up tonight it's church. Pittsburgh still has the media fawning over everything they do but San Jose crafted a mean 2nd half the other day and slipped a couple howlers past the Pens rookie netminder.

The beloved Monsters take a 2-0 lead in the Calder Cup Finals back to the Q for the next 3 games. I like their chances here and if any fan base deserves a champion, LEM sure does after vigorously supporting our pathetic farm system for 8 fruitless years.

Hershey at Lake Erie 7pm on AHL Live (for free!)

Penguins at Sharks 8pm on NBCSN