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Avs make management and scouting changes

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

As noticed by some smart folks on the internet last night, Avs Assistant General Manager Greg Sherman is no longer listed on the team's website. There's been no announcement from the club of course but this is how Rick Pracey's termination started out. Sherman has been in Avs management since 2002 when he was named an Assistant General Manager and has held various titles such as General Manger, Alternate Governor, Executive VP of Hockey Operations since. When Joe Sakic took over, Sherman's role was diminished and speculation had him more in the financial side of the franchise but no one really knows for sure which makes it hard to say why he is no longer with Colorado. More on this as it develops, if there is any more.

Also MIA from the team's site is long-time WHL & Western Canada/US scout Rick Lanz. The Avs have hit on some nice prospects from the dub like Calvin Pickard and Tyson Barrie but the list of failures is long and painful, it's not a surprise they would consider changing their Western coverage up at some point.

In Lanz' place there's a new scout, Lyle Wingert, ostensibly tasked to Western Canada and the US.

Also new to the scouting ranks is John Funk, whose father Pat has been a scout for San Jose for the past 25 years.

The Sherman termination is the big news here, and whether he will be replaced or just have his duties distributed amongst the rest of the staff is anyone's guess at this point. As with Rick Pracey's firing, there's really no reason to expect any statement or explanation concerning this move in the foreseeable future. Of course the same goes for the scouting changes too.

'Twas ever thus.