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Duncan Siemens Re-Signs with Colorado

St. Louis Blues v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

According to a couple of our favorite contract-tracking sites, Duncan Siemens has signed what appears to be his qualifying offer from a few weeks ago. QO’s expired yesterday so I don’t know what to read into this other than he’s in the org for the time being. Specifics as far as we know are a 2-way deal at $874k NHL/$70k AHL. He is not exempt from waivers anymore and will be an RFA again next summer.

Considered a bust by a large percentage of fans, Duncan had his best developmental season to date last year and ended up being one of the best defenseman defensively and analytically in San Antonio. On the downside, he once again missed significant time due to injury and has averaged only 51 games per season or about 2/3rds since turning pro.

This is basically the last shot for Duncan in the Avalanche org. Up until now his strengths (size, skating ability) have not outweighed his weaknesses (durability, puck skills) and that has kept him from being a desirable callup for the Avs. His future is riding on staying healthy and realizing his potential under new head coach Eric Veilleux. It’s not out of the realm of possibility but the bar is set very high, there will not be a development spot for him in the minors next season. Either the staff is comfortable playing him in the NHL by the end of the season or he’s going to be looking for work next July.