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Ask Us Anything: Avalanche/Hockey Edition

Anything you've ever wanted to know from us about the Avalanche and the sport of hockey in general is all fair game.

Terry Frei

Good afternoon and happy Saturday!

My name is Mister Fish one (at least on this site it is), and I'll be your host as we delve into what could possibly be a destructive or joyous weekend for Mile High Hockey. Purple Row, the Rockies' SB Nation blog, did this about a year ago this time when the MLB hit its All-Star break. With no Rockies games to discuss, they originated "Ask Us Anything" where users could ask the staff members anything imaginable.

Just so this isn't a complete blatant rip-off of their idea, me and MHH crew chief Ryan Murphy discussed it and agreed having two separate threads, on two different days, one about hockey, and one not about hockey, would be a good way to go about this mythical journey.

So here we are, on July the 16th in the year 2016. In the comments section below, we encourage you to ask us anything you can think of, so long as it is Avalanche-related or pertaining to hockey. This is a loose definition, however. You're as inclined to ask us something analytical pertaining to hockey as you are what our go-to food is while watching an Avs game. Totally your call. Someone on staff must answer. I have no life, so I'll be on my laptop the rest of the day doing my best to answer your questions. If I can't answer it, I'll defer the question to one of the other staff writers to answer it. On that line though, if you have a specific question for one of us, you're free to do that, just obviously say who the question is for.

Thou mortal users are more than welcome to answer questions as well. You're not obligated to, like we are, but if you have an answer you want to share, go for it! Let's see where this takes us.

May God help us all.