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Ask Us Anything: Life Edition

Want to know where we grew up, if we have any tattoos, or if we're just having a good day? Ask us those questions and more!

Garrett Ellwood Photography


Yesterday we had an on-topic questionnaire about the Avalanche and the sport of hockey. It was fun, informative, we learned a lot about each other, and got closer as a group. It was a nice kumbaya for Mile High Hockey.

What will happen today? You have the freedom to ask us any non-hockey related question below in the comments section. Once again, one of us on staff is obligated to answer, and you mere mortals may chime in as well if you feel so provoked.

All we ask is that you don't ask or say anything that might offend anyone. There's a lot of bull-crap happening in the world right now, if you want to poke the monster, I won't stop you, I just urge you to keep it civilized and not to the point where fighting takes place. Remember, this is meant to be in good fun.

Once again, may God help us all.