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No Cakes, Just Cup - NHL News for 7/20/16

John Klemm #24

Good morning all. While Sandie takes a few days off sans internet, you all are stuck with the rest of the staff for news and views. Let’s get to it:

The Komets announced that the long-rumored dissolution of their partnership with the Avalanche is now official.

Oddly enough, the Colorado Eagles have a major announcement of their own today at 12:00 noon. What could it be? Doesn’t sound like it will be streamed live but there should be video later in the afternoon.

Phil(!) Kessel brought the Stanley Cup to Toronto... and spent the day with some sick kids and their families. Nice guy.

In a needlessly self-aggrandizing statement, John Tortorella believes a win in the NHL’s made-for-TV World Cup could be just as big as winning a Stanley Cup. Btw, Russia quietly substituted Nikita Nesterov for NHL persona non grata Slava Voynov on their latest projected WC roster.

Smooth Johnny Mitchell and many other NHL stars will be in Toronto tomorrow for Smashfest, a charity Ping-Pong tournament hosted by Dominic Moore and the NHLPA which benefits Concussion & Rare Cancer Research. It’s at a brewery so if you’re in the area you should definitely go.