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No Cakes, Just Cup - NHL News for 7/26/16

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Fwizz Snozzfield

Good morning all, sorry Sandie’s not back yet it’s jus’ lil ol me with your daily links. Let’s get to them:

Our boy Ben Storm was named captain for St Cloud State for this coming season (s/t to Jori). I like Storm, he’s made a major transition to forward and works damn hard at his craft. I would dearly love to see him turn pro with the Avs next summer.

Adam Larsson was thrust into a difficult spot when he was traded for the the most accomplished player on the Oilers roster a few weeks ago, but he’s ready for the challenge.

Don Cherry and Ron MacLean got stars on Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto this week. Nice!

Idk, there’s not much else. Chris Froome won the Tour de France if you care and haven’t heard yet. Gael Montfils won the Citi Challenge or whatever they call it now in DC this weekend. Rio is a shitshow and total joke of a venue for the Olympics to the surprise of absolutely no one. Oh yeah, Tyson Barrie still isn’t signed. I’m sure there’s more to put forth on that.