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Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL August 30th

This Las Vegas franchise naming process is getting serious.

Pittsburgh Penguins Victory Parade and Rally Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

So, there’s just two more days of August. That means news is going to start picking up, right? Just a couple more weeks until the World Cup of Hockey and training camps kick into gear. Until then? Still a wee bit slow...

Las Vegas franchise trademarks three nicknames —

If is now reporting it, there’s definitely some fire to go with that smoke. Knights? Sure. Should go pretty well one day in a division with the Kings. Bigger question: who the other teams are in this metaphorical monarchy?

Phil Kessel could miss the start of the season —

Shockingly, it’s not from a bratwurst overdose, but rather a hand injury diagnosed after the Stanley Cup finals.

‘Canes attempt to lower league quality, sign Torres to PTO —

Yeah, we know NHL have to keep a minimum number of veterans in training camp, but couldn’t you guys have found another one?

Apparently people are irked about the Coyotes’ use of cap space? —

Didn’t hear anyone complaining when Toronto did it last year.

Mike Brophy speculates what a 2nd Canadian World Cup Team would look like —

Spoiler: the Avalanche player he selected is not Tyson Barrie.