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Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL August 31st, 2016

August finally over. Starting to smell a bit like hockey, isn’t it?

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Washington Capitals at Philadelphia Flyers Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking news, folks:

I have it on good authority — said his name was Gregor? — that today is the final day of the month of August. Therefore the hockey universe will suddenly erupt into a glistening fountain of news starting tomorrow!

World Cup a big hit with prospects at NHLPA Rookie Showcase —

‘Team Europe will be able to reach out to places where hockey might not be well known and where people might not be that familiar with the sport, so you'll be getting that exposure for those areas and that's a good thing.’ — Vancouver Canucks prospect, Tyler Demko

Barry Trotz is a fan too, claims it should help players prepare —

‘I'm looking forward to it because of the fact that I get to work with some outstanding people and against outstanding people in the League and be a part of something that I haven't been around for a number of years,’ Trotz said.

No. 2 overall pick Patrik Laine ready for World Cup after surgery —

‘He was held out of (Jets) development camp for precautionary reasons, but he's back to full training and has been for quite some time,’ Maurice told ‘There will be zero repercussions moving forward.’

Corey Pronman announces his Top 100 prospects (Paywall) —

Two Avalanche prospects crack the Top-20 and I bet you won’t have too much trouble guessing which ones they are.

What past metric best determines future performance? —

The interesting piece here to me is that while points per 60 is still the best predictor of future points per 60, it’s not nearly as cut and dry as I thought. In fact, Relative CorsiFor/60 – the number of incremental shots a team enjoys when a player is on the ice versus off of the ice – is almost as predictive as actual scoring rates.


Looks like we’ll get a few statements out of the new Avalanche coach a little later today:

And that’s all, folks!