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ICYMI: Press from Jared Bednar’s Introduction

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The Avalanche organization presented new head coach Jared Bednar to the Denver Media today. Apparently he drove across the country arriving earlier in the week and has already had a few meetings with the coaching staff and management.

Nothing major was expected as far as news or announcements and that’s what we got. As for now, the holdover coaches plus new hire Nolan Pratt will remain in place. Bednar mentioned that AGM Craig Billington has been working on laying out the Rookie Camp program and that the San Antonio staff will do the heavy lifting there, no change from when Patrick was around. This gives him an extra week to work on getting Avs camp dialed in starting the 22nd.

Other than that, he had very encouraging words about how he wants the team to play with the phrases we’re getting used to like “play as a 5-man unit”, “puck support” with “touch the puck first” a new one I particularly like.

Just to put it all together for those of us that were absent during the afternoon, here are links to all the media I can put my hand to so far:

Introduction and press conference with Sakic, Josh Kroenke and Bednar

Sakic media scrum with some more insight into how they went through the hiring process

Bednar media scrum (“I wasn’t really a prospect”)

Josh Kroenke on AltRadio (fair warning, all Nuggets after 5 minutes or so)

AltRadio also had Sakic and Bednar on later, I’ll post if it comes up.

Sadowski’s article for NHL dot com

Ryan & Ron with a 45 minute AvsCast with Bednar

More added as it is released. Enjoy.