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GDT: WCH Finals & Avs Pre-Season Game 1

St. Louis Blues v Colorado Avalanche

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Boy do we have a doubleheader for you. First off, Matt Duchene and Team Canada open the World Cup Finals against the Misfits of Europe in Toronto. Concurrently, your Colorado Avalanche take on the Wilds of Minnesota in the land of the hot dish.

Team Canada vs Team Europe
8pm ET/6pm MT on ESPN/CBC/TVA

Avalanche vs Wilds
8pm ET/6pm MT radio only* on Alt950

* - Some of you might be able to watch on the FoxSportsGo app IF you have access to FoxSportsNorth as part of your cable or satellite package. Otherwise, it’s just audio from the Mose.

Projectile Avalanche Lineup:


Whitney, Bourke, Elson, Sislo, Ben Smith, Rene Bourque, Grimaldi, Grigo, Bad Andy, Compher, Nantel, Beaudin


Geertsen, Bigras, Duncan, Big Z, Stanton, Corbs, Gelinas, Meloche


Jeremy Smith, Lieuwen

I think the call here is to put the WC game on mute with Moser’s radio call in the background. Best of both worlds and no Barry Melrose to kill your buzz. For those of you that are new or just need a refresher, SBN does not allow links to illegal streams in the game threads.

The Avs return home after the game and face the Stars tomorrow night at the Pepsi Center with a vastly different lineup.