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Mile High Hockey Nicknames Update

We're switching up our sobriquets and we need your help!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

We've heard your griping calls for action!  We've listened to your bitching constructive criticism!  We're ready edit the Official List of MHH Player Nicknames.  I don't want to do it twice, so I'm putting out the call for legit nominations to be added to the list.  If you don't know what is/isn't in the list, please click here.  Keep in mind the function of the list: to be a handy reference for new users and to somewhat archive our own comedic genius.

I have two thoughts on the list going forward:

  1. We should remove older references.  Basically anything from the Sacco or earlier error (save for GOAT and HOF level players/references) as most of that stuff isn't germane to ongoing convos.  My short list for deletion: Andy, BMF, Cameron Awesome, Chris Goddamn Stewart, Flash, Kobasuck/Kobario, Leoprone, Mack Truck, Pappy/Pappi, Road Runner, ROB/Snatch, Shamwow, SOB, Square Peg, Tyfon Barriott.
  2. The list, by its nature won't be exhaustive, but it definitely needs to capture the high points of our ongoing fandom and relevant discussions. My short list for addition: Bad Andy, Condor, Dread Pirate/Soda, Smooth Johnny/Johnny Malkin, Iggy, Mac/MacK, Rants, Lord of Fjorcheck, Nyetminder, Serial Killer.

So all that said, I have a question for the court of public opinion: